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The need for organisations to learn, adapt, change and improve their portfolio management competence has never been greater.

As the number of programmes, projects and services within an organisation increases, it becomes necessary to streamline the identification, selection, monitoring, control, and reporting of the results of these initiatives in a standardised and efficient way.

By applying Portfolio Management, an organisation is in a better position to optimise its investments by composing portfolios that will contribute the most to the implementation of its Strategy, given its resource capacity, capability and budgetary or other constraints. The resulting set of portfolios provides an aggregated and holistic view of all of an organisation’s initiatives, both planned and ongoing, which will facilitate the effective achievement of its strategic objectives.

Organisational Portfolio Management

Trainings for private and public sector organisations with hands-on workshops and reusable learning resources that help portfolio teams and organisation develop portfolio management excellence.

Tailor made trainings that help you apply key management best practices that help you unlock portfolio management efficiency and organisation wide effectiveness.

Trainings that make a difference!

Trainings & Workshops

All trainings are based on decades of experience and are aligned with the philosophy and mindsets of the squared methodologies suite. 

Training Approach

Needs Mapping -> Curriculum Design -> Course Delivery -> Post Course Support

Instructional Design

Tailored-made courses developed following the ADDIE approach through a thorough needs assessment and in close collaboration with clients and learners.
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