PfM² Train the Trainer Programme

Develop an advanced competency and help others learn and get Certified! 

PfM² Training for Trainers

Develop the deep PfM² Methodology knowledge required to become an effective trainer and help others achieve a PfM² Certification and apply Organisational Portfolio Management.

Become a PfM² Portfolio Management Trainer !

This highly interactive and advanced knowledge workshop is designed to prepare Trainers or Educators to become qualified PfM² Portfolio Management trainers.

Participants will be exposed to advanced concepts of PfM² and learn how to design and deliver PfM² courses to the highest quality standards. The course enables trainers to deliver trainings with maximum learning impact, enabling their training participants to:

  • appreciate the benefits of organisational Portfolio Management 
  • learn the PfM² Methodology theory 
  • be able to effectively apply PfM² in their portfolios and their organisation
  • help them embark on a journey of continuous improvement and maturity
  • prepare for the achievement of a PfM² Certification.

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